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  • Who are we, Just Kidding?
    Just Kidding is a kidswear rental subscription, for ages 0-12. Choosing seven sizes in just two years wastes time and money, with new items often kept in the wardrobe or barely worn. Our thoughtfully designed, durable, and most importantly, flexible, rental subscription will keep pace with each baby's unique growing needs. Just Kidding’s collection strikes a perfect balance of style and relaxed wear, offering a curated edit of go-to wardrobe staples.
  • What are the environmental benefits of renting clothes?
    We reduce the carbon impact of clothing your child by 60-75%. We re-use, repair or recycle - zero landfill. Our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton or cotton, which makes them biodegradable (as well as lovely for baby's skin). We use no plastic packaging, fewer deliveries and interchangeable wardrobe means fewer pieces for more outfits!
  • What shall I do to subscribe?
    Register on the site and create a Profile for your Kid. Choose the subscription that suits you and move to chart. Make a checkout. We will form a box of 20 pieces of clothes for your kid basing on the preferences given in your kids Profile.
  • I am pregnant. When do you recommend to order?
    We would recommend you order for your subscription to arrive roughly 7-10 days before your due date, that should give you plenty of time to receive your 'newborn box'. If the baby comes before that, they will probably need premie clothes before their newborn subscription. If you are due within 6 weeks, order now and if you are due 6 weeks + book in your wardrobe now by telling us your due date month. Going through the 'Your kid's Profile' quiz will tell you all the information you need.
  • Can I buy a piece of cloth I fell in love with?
    Yes for sure you can.
  • Do I have to switch everything at once?
    If your little one grows out of bottoms, before tops, for example, it's absolutely fine to switch to a different size in just some of the items.
  • Can I preorder?
    Yes, you can pre-order either 2 weeks (for delivery in 2 weeks) or 1 month in advance (for delivery in 1 month). Just write a comment when you checkout in your chart.
  • What if I have twins?
    Please contact us at for a bespoke subscription, we can create a larger wardrobe which means you can share across your twins and don't have to commit to double the price.
  • Can I cancel or pause my subscription?
    Of course, cancel your subscription at any time. Do this by emailing us at . As soon as the wardrobe is back with us, your payments will stop.
  • How long do I keep clothes?
    For as long as it fits or is suitable, we know little ones grow at different rates and seasons are a little temperamental! Simply switch when you are ready.
  • Are the clothes kind to kids and good for sensitive skin?
    All our garments are used with high quality fabric, and mostly out of certified materials.
  • How do I know any pre-loved items I receive are clean?
    Any pre-loved items used are professionally cleaned and sanitised by professional cleaners. We are have double check control over stains and damages before delivering the box to you.
  • Can I get a refund?
    If your Just Kidding wardrobe has not been used, you can return for a refund within 14 days of delivery, just contact us through to discuss.
  • How much doe it cost to rent with Just Kidding?
    We have two options now for you. General subscription that includes 20 pieces of new and like-new clothes professionally cleaned for 20Euro per month. And VIP Subscription that includes 20 pieces of new clothes for 40 Euro per month.
  • When do I pay?
    You will be charged the day of the chart's checkout and this will be your monthly billing day.
  • What happens if an item is lost?
    You will be charged the RRP of the item. However, please contact us at to discuss.
  • Will I be charged if items are returned damaged or stained?
    Nope, you are covered for accidental damage or stains.
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